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Living Blessed products are natural, ecofriendly, and packaged locally (Cottonwood, AZ | Prescott, AZ | San Luis Obispo, CA | Tucson, AZ) by adults with cognitive disabilities and developmentally delaying disabilities. I believe that support from local businesses towards the community is vital to community health, both socially and economically, and that all businesses share an ethical responsibility to support their community by either producing and/or selling products that protect the consumer and the environment, or by providing services that help sustain individuals and the local economy. Living Blessed strives to employ cognitively disabled adults local to regions with stores that carry our products in order to add to the local sense of community, stimulate local economies and to improve the quality of life of those individuals we can serve.

Living Blessed holds at its core values the belief that all individuals have positive qualities to add to society, share the human need to participate and give back to society, and need to experience a quality of life that reflects personal value and meaning within the context of their abilities, native culture, and surrounding community. Individuals with cognitive disabilities share this need and desire for a meaningful and productive life. This company also has a core value belief that products sold to the public need to be natural and healing with stewardship towards our planet a foremost concern.

Living Blessed is committed to producing clean, organic, simple, natural, non-gmo and gluten-free products that promote personal balance in health, a greater degree of independent personal health as a consumer and stewardship towards the use of our planet's resources.

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