H.E.L.P. (headache pillow)


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Anyone who has ever used one of these pillows realizes the calming affect this simple, yet effective, natural medicine choice has when it comes to relieving headaches due to stress, most migraines, lack of sleep, over exertion outside, or even just a difficult day at work or school. Each H.E.L.P. is handmade and individual variations will occur. Each H.E.L.P. is approximately 7.5 inches, or 18 cm, long by 3 inches, or 8 cm wide and is filled with healing Flax Seed rolled in calming Lavender oil. Individual variations occur in size. Each H.E.L.P. comes inside its own silver pouch carrying case. Placing this pillow across both of your closed eyes as you lie down will allow you to breathe in the soothing Lavender oil – a specific for headache relief. Freezing or chilling the pillow before using feels very soothing to some people as well. My customers who are sensitive to fragrances, tell me they rinse the pillow, allow it to dry before use, chill it, and then place it across their closed eyes. I have been told on several occasions that they find relief within about a half hour to an hour tops. Pillow colors dependent upon local cloth availability. Usually in stock are Forest Green, Lavender, Black, Turquoise, and Maroon. Please let us know your preference and we will come as close as we can. Thank you for understanding our color choice is dependent upon local source choices and Thank You for your purchase!

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