No More Bugs – 8 oz.

Insect Repellent - 8 oz.

No More Bugs Vegan Organic & Unprocessed Insect Repellent – 8 oz. $25.00

NO MORE BUGS was created out of need for a natural (crushed or steam distilled only) plant-based insect repellent safe for kids yet hardy enough for the buggy woods of Vermont. Effective for keeping safe from No See Ums, chiggers, ticks, mosquitoes, all the biting flies in New England, and even the fire ants of Arizona, NO MORE BUGS has been used for over 20 years on kids and adults and works with your individual body chemistry to mask the scent of your blood with plants scents that bugs are not attracted to but that most people find refreshing. Spread on exposed areas and repeat as your body chemistry requires. Everyone’s chemistry is different so the amount of time an application lasts will vary person-to- person. In buggy areas I apply it about every 4 hours. In not-so-buggy environments I apply it about once every 6 hours if I am outside that long. One bottle lasts quite a while because each drop spreads so evenly! External Use Only! Note: If your pump won’t pump or if there is a kink in your tube preventing it from pumping, please twist open the ribbed capping, carefully pull out the tube and cut it to the desired length. The tubes come to us as you see them and it is perfectly ok to cut your tube to your desired length and/or gently bend it as you wish to assist the pump action! Thank you! Packaged using Paba Free PET Plastic. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ORDER TO for a custom invoice through PayPal.

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