Rejuvenation daytime – 8 oz.

Rejuvenation - Natural Day Time Moisturizer - 8 ozRejuvenation
Natural Day Time Moisturizer – 8 oz.

Rejuvenation is a synergistic blend of particular strains of certified organic plants and flower oils grown where top soil is still clean and naturally healthy formulated to feed the skin needed nutrients.  Rejuvenation is predominantly organic chamomile flower oil combined with extra virgin organic coconut and olive oils in a ratio that provides the array of essential fatty acids and nutrients skin needs topically daily. Many of my customers come back to me and tell me they wish they had taken ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos because the transformation is noticeable, pleasing, and quite often dramatic, depending upon their needed use for healing. Every day use as a moisturizer allows skin to become healthier. Rejuvenation’s Azulenes from Organic Chamomile oil have a long history of being used to help skin heal and look its healthiest.

The 8 oz bottle saves you $5 (when buying 2 ea. 4 oz), saves you $15 (when buying 4 ea. 2 oz) and has the much loved spray top of the 2 oz airport size! It is also the least expensive shipping due to its flattened shape.

Note: If your pump won’t pump or if there is a kink in your tube preventing it from pumping, please twist open the ribbed capping, carefully pull out the tube and cut it to the desired length. The tubes come to us as you see them and it is perfectly ok to cut your tube to your desired length and/or gently bend it as you wish to assist the pump action! Thank you!

Packaged using Paba Free PET Plastic.


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