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history2I love plants. I love nature, and I have a vision of this world finding its way into greater degrees of harmony with our planet. I have been fortunate in calling Thailand, Denmark, Maryland, Vermont, Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska my home at different times in life. Each place and each culture taught me the importance of living close to the Earth from different perspectives. My greatest experiences learning about herbal medicines came from Thailand, where I learned to use them, and Vermont, where I learned to make them. I have been a practicing herbalist for about 33 years. Now I am using all that experience and knowledge, in addition to all I have read regarding medical research and natural choices that promote true health, to give something back to society at large. I believe I can make a positive difference in the lives of those I help employ, and in the lives of those who use our natural products, and by supporting stewardship towards our Earth. Thank you so very much for visiting my website and for trying our products. Over time additional information and products will be added! May they enhance your quality of life. We are grateful!

Many women have asked me to write more extensively about the life I have seen this time around. Actually, they ask me to write a book, but for now I will try to remember the things I have seen that seemed to benefit and interest those who have spoken with me. Please do not feel obligated to read this section unless you find it of personal use or interesting! I will tie it in to how the products came to be and how they came to be packaged by cognitively disabled adults! Although my own life has not always been much past survival mode, I am the very fortunate daughter of a brilliant, wonderful man and an excellent Dad, loved by so very, very many, who dealt professionally with methods for storing low and high-level radioactive waste as safely as possible on our beautiful planet. He died in Bangkok in 2002 after acquiring the SARS virus in China while on a business trip. I grew up being known as Dr. Wacks’s daughter and was born while he was a PhD student in Utah. My Dad gave me so many blessings: living in Maryland, Tucson, Bangkok, Thailand, Roskilde, Denmark, exploring this planet and seeing life from the perspective of a scientist. I look back on growing up in laboratories, universities, foreign cultures around the world which became the heart of me even when I have forgotten my fluency of their language, attending yearly Waste Management Symposium meetings in Tucson, and in academic settings which define me into my own careers. I love science and the UA, especially the old Engineering Building, where my Dad taught for over 30 years.

Learning to love travel, languages, science, art and culture early in life, left me with a love for living in exotic and rural settings with the challenges of learning new ways of life closely tied to the land. Home, at various times in life, has been the bush in Alaska (Naknek), Beatty, Nevada (at the edge of Death Valley) and Alpine Village in Warren, Vermont in addition to the magic of Bangkok and Roskilde of childhood. Each place defines what I know of this Earth and how life can be viewed as an expression or response to geography and that our biology is completely integrated within the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet. While I studied the plant life (medicinal, edible, poisonous, etc.) in each area I have lived in, it was my amazing time in Vermont that allowed me to live with the plants, wild-craft, grow, harvest, care for and learn how their phytochemistry effected or enhanced each other and benefits us. Years ago in the late 70s, my oldest son developed asthma from commercial cleaning fluids I used in our home. My needs to protect my son and show him a life of health prompted me to research and learn how to make my own natural disinfecting cleaning fluids. Before this time I had exposure to natural medicines while living in Asia as a kid so I realized what he needed. My journey with natural, simple plant-based medicines began as a kid when my Dad took me to a Chinese herbalist in Bangkok. That taught me the power in plants. My son’s adverse reaction to commercial products gave me the chance to bring my childhood experience full circle. I realized that keeping life simple and as close to the Earth as possible reflected the biology of our bodies, kept us in balance and sustained health over time. My youngest son, a native Vermonter born at home in the woods, had severe reactions to mosquito bites. He was either going to need an EpiPen or a less complicated solution to stop the welts. NO MORE BUGS came into being in order to keep him safe and let him play in the woods. NO MORE BUGS is also a result of living in Thailand all those years ago. I remember watching people use only Citronella and thinking that it was only part of the answer. Out of desperation I had to quickly find the complimentary plant that would finish the equation. I raised both my younger kids on NO MORE BUGS.

At 19 years old it looked to me as if every single 30 year old and older had cancer. Fun for me, at that time of life, was the UA library. There are fantastic books with historic uses for plant-based medicines one can easily make but that have been abandoned by most modern people for the ease of laboratory isolated compounds (with disregard for side effects) that can be purchased. I taught myself to conduct medical research in order to trace what was creating all the disease in modern lifestyles. Once computers became a regular tool for my research, I was able to compare research in Asia, Europe and U.S. I grew up on those 3 continents and found it only natural to need to know what was happening in medical research on each continent so I could understand what was genetic and what was environmental or cultural in human experience of disease. The more I learned, the more I chose to learn to make my own medicines for my children. Each human being is unique and standardized allopathic medicines, and doses, do not honor that basic knowledge. Standardized allopathic medicines also isolate compounds that partially mimic aspects of natural compounds, but because they are combined in ways not found in nature, side-effects are obvious results.

Rejuvenation initially was the result of needing something to feed the skin, since it is a topical organ, and to relieve winter-time dry skin. I can’t stand the feeling of dry skin right before snowfall or in the desert winter. Originally Rejuvenation was also used as a diaper rash preventive and a healing salve for cuts, burns, etc. Eventually I realized that I did not even want organic beeswax in my system, or my kids, because the skin does not use it to metabolize and create new cells. Rejuvenation is the culmination of 23 years’ use, research and evolution as well as my need to bring into one picture all I learned from women around the world who took active steps to care for their skin. Everyone knows the skin is our largest organ, but most never think about what that actually means. Being a topical organ means it pulls things in and excretes things out. In order to put any nutrients in, it must be done topically by physically spreading on the skin. People put products on their skin that they can’t even pronounce the name of the molecule, let alone knowing where on Earth that molecule came from and what it is made of. I realized that I could only put something on my babies’ skin if it was something used by the skin in metabolism, nutrient-rich, organic and only crushed or steam distilled in its creation process. This would ensure that I would never contribute to creating toxic environments in their immune systems or lymphatic systems and that their skin would receive the alkalizing and nutrient support it needs to create healthy, balanced, vibrant cells over time.

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