Mission Statement


Living Blessed uses certified organic oils and holds at its core values the belief that each individual needs to see a quality of life that reflects personal value and meaning within the context of society regardless of identified disabilities.

Living Blessed maintains a core commitment to producing products that promote consumer choice in natural living and encourages stewardship and balance towards our planet’s resources while allowing greater personal responsibility for our individual health.

Living Blessed provides job skills training and project-based employment for individuals with cognitive impairments and developmentally delaying disabilities.

Living Blessed believes fundamentally that to give back to one’s community is a social responsibility and that individuals and businesses need to share this responsibility in order to create a healthy society and a healthy local community and economy.


  • I believe so strongly that the only way local communities will prosper is if we learn to view and live our own lives for something bigger than just our own personal gratification. Believing and living in this light creates a community that enriches itself both economically and ethically.
  • I believe that as we prosper individually we need to give back to our community. I believe in formats (educational and business) that allow us to develop a social conscience in ourselves and in our young. Individuality is vital to a healthy life, and so is a social conscience in which caring for our fellow humans and our Earth is a priority.
  • Organizations such as Achieve allow me to bring my raw ingredients (or mixed formulas such as Rejuvenation and my biodegradable laundry soap) to them at their location. We conduct a time study in order to figure out how much to pay the individuals who package the ingredients. This means we allow several individuals to package, we take the combined times (some can work more quickly and with less job coaching) and then divide by number of individuals. This gives us an average. After that, we use a formula for deciding what to charge us per bottle or item. Any other monies earned gets used towards filing fees, patent fees, bottles, labels, ingredients, packaging, product development and costs for adaptive needs to help our clients do their jobs properly. Any skills needed by individuals are taught to the best of their abilities to learn and perform. This environment allows us to teach a wide variety of life skills to each individual learning to package the products. This experience creates greater self confidence and job satisfaction for each individual.
  • I believe the consumer has a right to research and understand alternative health choices that can impact the quality of life and ability to create balanced, empowered, and healthy lifestyles.