Steam distillation of Chamomile flowers renders a beautiful blue oil, rich in azulenes. The chemical constituents of this oil have been tested clinically and exhibit therapeutic responses with regards to anti-inflammatory properties on tissues, anti-histamine properties, significant anti-oxidant properties, tissue healing properties, tissue regenerative properties, and anti-bacterial properties.Chamomile has a long history (over 3,000 years) of helping skin conditions such as boils, acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Chamomile has a calming affect overall and can result in the halting of the deterioration of skin cells that lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Chamomile oil stimulates cell regeneration, calms inflammation, soothes and heals blemishes. The benefits of all these properties synergistically and holistically working to heal your skin can be remarkable and very pleasing. Chamomile has positive and diverse therapeutic affects on skin and will benefit any skin type. Rejuvenation will allow you to see sustained, positive changes in your skin over time no matter the condition of your skin now! (Click here to read about the history of this product!)EXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC COCONUT OIL & YOUR SKIN

Extra virgin organic coconut oil is unrefined and therefore retains its natural antioxidant abilities to protect our skin by preventing destructive free radical formation in the layers of our skin. Use of Coconut Oil results in the outer layer of dead skin cells being removed while the underlying supportive tissues become stronger as the needed nutrients penetrate the layers of our skin and are made available to the very structure of our cells. Consistent use over time results in healing and restoring a youthful appearance to skin as needed nutrients are absorbed into the cell structure of the connective tissues that make up our skin. As this connective tissue replenishes itself over time, your skin will feel softer, become suppler, wrinkles will become smoother and in some cases vanish, sun damage to your skin will be lessened and healed, damaged skin will heal, and you will notice a clean and healthy glow.


Olive Oil is graded according to the purity derived through the least amount of processing. The less processing, the purer the grade of oil and nutrients. The highest grade of oil, used in Rejuvenation, means that the oil is extracted through low temperatures and pressure; this method preserves the chemical structure of the olive oil molecules. All the nutrients and antioxidants that are naturally present in the olives are left intact. No pesticides or chemicals ever touched the fruit. Extra Virgin refers to the acidity of the fruit. The lower the acidity of the fruit, the higher the quality of nutrients.

Olive Oil has been used to heal and nurture skin for over 5,000 years and has many unique and beneficial properties. Not only can the human body safely benefit from consuming olive oil, but it can also extract nutrients when applied topically. This means that when we use it, when we apply it to our skin, we benefit directly from all the vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are left intact and available to our cells when the grade of oil is pure. The higher the grade, the more of these nutrients are present and of use to us. It protects the cells of our bodies from damage caused by free radical oxidation. Our cell membranes contain certain fatty acids that are highly susceptible to free radical oxidation. This free radical oxidation process creates cell damage that produces lipid peroxides that can actually result in cellular death. 100% Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil contains polyphenols, Vitamin E, and other natural antioxidants that prevent free radical oxidation cell damage. A natural healing occurs for your skin when olive oil is applied. Keep reading to see what other benefits you will gain from the synergistic blend in Rejuvenation!

+ Soften Your Skin and Relieve Dry Skin
+ Heal Sun Damaged Skin
+ Protect Sun Exposed Skin
+ Cleansing Without Drying or Damaging The Skin
+ Strengthening Layers Of Skin Tissues
+ Relieve Dry, Itchy Skin
+ Relieve Some Cases of Psoriasis
+ Heal Chemical Burns With No Scarring
+ Smooth Wrinkles
+ Heals Cracked Skin
+ Improve Complexion
+ Use After Shaving To Calm And Soften Skin (Men and Women)
+ Heal Cuts, Soften Scars From Surgery
+ Sooth Irritated Skin
+ Improve Overall Quality of Skin To A Healthy Glow
+ Relieve Skin Inflammation
+ Soothes Nervous Tension
+ Put On Scalp An Hour Before Shampoo To Relieve Dry, Flaky Scalp
+ Great For Diaper Rash!
+ Replenish Vitamins And Minerals In Sunburned Skin
+ Replace Needed Nutrients to Revive and Soothe Skin


The synergistic blend of Rejuvenation offers an effect greater than the sum of its parts due to the specific action of each oil. Individually, each oil is nutrient rich and beneficial for your skin. Properly formulated for therapeutic results, you can expect to see a healthy transformation of your skin when you use Rejuvenation over time, no matter what your skin is like right now. You can expect to feel relief from seasonal dryness or dryness due to internal imbalances and conditions such as diabetes. Skin conditions may balance and diminish over time. Your skin will soften and regain vitamins and minerals it needs. Many of my customers come back to me and tell me they wish they had taken ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos because the transformation is noticeable, pleasing, and quite often dramatic over time.



Successfully and historically used since Roman times as a flea repellant.


A natural antiseptic, antibacterial and insecticide.

Combining the two oils together, in my blend, creates a scent people find uplifting but bugs find unpleasant enough to leave you alone! Works on children, pets, horses, cows, goats, and even patio furniture to naturally keep bugs away. EXTERNAL USE ONLY


Living Blessed uses the highest quality Organic Rosehip Seed oil to give the skin the Vitamin C used in collagen building in the middle layer of the skin. Combined with Organic Olive and Organic Coconut oils, the total product gives the skin Vitamins A, E, K, Essential Fatty Acids (Omegas) & Hyaluronic acid.

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