Spread the Love Lipcare – 10 mL



Spread The Love is a 10 mL rollerball tube with the same 3 oils as Rejuvenation but with a higher Chamomile oil ratio in order to be more protective to the lips. Even on the hottest and driest of days, and even if you can’t get enough water, using Spread The Love will keep your lips from splitting, cracking and drying out. The label on each 10 mL tube purposefully covers the tube and over the lid so that you know it has never been opened after packaging. Each person’s needs will be different with regards to how many times you will feel like putting STL on your lips. STL will mend splits, cracks and cold sores. Let your own body tell you what it needs! Share The Love!

Packaged using Paba Free PET Plastic.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ORDER TO alexia@livingblessed.com for a custom invoice through PayPal.


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