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REJUVENATION is a synergistic blend of certified organic plant and flower oils that replenish proper molecular density Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids that our surface and connective tissues need to create healthy and vibrant skin daily. Combined with a tissue regenerative rich in azulenes from a strain of chamomile flower, Rejuvenation is effective and trustworthy in naturally mending splits, cracks, stitches, and rashes when used regularly. Rejuvenation is safe for people with sensitive skin and even babies as it is blended with only natural ingredients that are strictly crushed and/or steam-distilled directly from the plants and flowers. No hexane or synthetic compounds are used ever. People with allergies will know before trying, because all the ingredients are simply and clearly readable on the labels. Rejuvenation is naturally anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal which makes it excellent for mending cuts and burns. Rejuvenation alkalizes the surface of your skin to help balance the pH (sun-damaged skin has a pH that is more acidic than skin needs to remain vibrant) and minimize UV damage. Purposefully formulated for therapeutic results, you can expect to see a healthy transformation of your skin when you use Rejuvenation over time, no matter what your skin is like right now. Most people notice vibrant change from one to three months of daily use. Splits and cracks will mend quickly with daily use. Each of us has a unique immune system and unique skin. This is why results vary. Many of my customers come back to me and tell me they wish they had taken ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos because the transformation is noticeable to themselves and others, pleasing, and quite often dramatic.


  • Relieve Dry Skin and Dry, Itchy Skin
  • Heal Sun Damaged Skin or Skin Exposed to Too Much Water
  • Protect Sun Exposed Skin and Wind/Cold Exposed Skin
  • Makeup Removal & Cleansing Without Drying or Damaging the Skin
  • Strengthening Layers Of Skin Tissue and Improve Skin Tone
  • Add Vitamins, Antioxidants and Omegas to Layers of the Skin
  • Relieve Some Cases of Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Promote Healthy Tissue Regeneration
  • Soften Skin
  • Soften and Heal Scars From Surgery
  • Alkalize the surface skin to create a healthy pH
  • Create healthier skin
  • Wonderful on baby skin and diaper rash 

Packaged using Paba Free PET Plastic.

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