Amor Naturae

Amino acids, lysine, and proline bond to the vitamin C in Rosehip Seed Oil to become proteins referred to as collagen. This is why, with this moisturizer, you’ll see softer, suppler skin and the reduction of fine lines and creases.

Made From

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Used For

Daily moisturizer for dry to severely dry skin. Creates softer, healthier skin, reduces fine lines and creases when used at night. 

Safe For

Extremely Dry Skin
Sensitive Skin
Sun Damaged Skin
Face and Body 


Amor Naturae is an antioxidant-rich synergistic blend of certified organic plant oils rich in all the nutrients that creates healthy skin made up of essential fatty acids (omegas), Vitamins A, E, K, hyaluronic acid, trace amounts of zinc, and Vitamin C!


Organic crushed rosehip seeds provide the oil rich in Vitamin C that amino acids need to transition into the proteins we call collagen in the middle layer of the skin.

Organic extra virgin olive and coconut oils provide anti-oxidants that help regulate your skin’s pH balance. Vitamins A, E, K, hyaluronic acid (naturally present in coconut’s whole plant form), omegas & trace amounts of zinc present in Amor Naturae create healthier ad softer skin.

When Used

Amor Naturae creates soft, supple skin especially in winter, to relieve the tightest & itchiest alligator skin over face and entire body. Severely dry skin can become soft! Regular and consistent daily use helps create a healthier skin and reduce fine lines and creases.


Naturally build healthier, vibrant skin and nails from deep within the layers. Even sun damaged skin shows continued improvement over time with daily regular use! 


Skin is made from and needs unprocessed and unrefined sources of Vitamins A, E, K, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc and Omegas in order to replenish and build healthy new cells and tissues. Crushed and steam-distilled organic plant, flower and seed oils are the cleanest and healthiest natural sources for this need because the oils’ nutrients and omegas are naturally balanced in whole plant form with molecules shaped properly for skin to allow nutrients  to cross the cell membranes and be absorbed into the cell for immediate use in creating healthier tissue when applied topically and daily. Amor Naturae is rich in antioxidants that promote youthfulness and healthy skin.

Collagen is found in the Dermis layer of our skin. Collagen is the dominant and most abundant protein in our skin. Close to 75% of skin is collagen. Replenishing this protein has special needs provided by the nutrient panel of Amor Naturae. Collagen intertwines to create strong connective tissues in this layer. The healthier and stronger the tissue, the healthier and stronger the organ. Fine lines and wrinkles are kept at bay when the collagen is abundant. Depleting the Vitamin C needed to create the proteins called collagen results in lines, wrinkles, sagging and unhealthy skin that can appear weathered and creased. 

Amor Naturae can also be applied to the scalp before showering. Allow it to sink into the follicles for 15 minutes to a half hour in order to create healthier follicles that will produce healthier hair. Amor Naturae can also be used as a hair oil to relieve frizzy hair for people with thicker hair.


Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil is rich in all the nutrients (Vitamins A, E, K), needed minerals such as zinc and balanced omegas (6 and 3 in 8:1 ratio) listed above while also providing the antioxidants that help stop free radical damage to our cells.  

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is rich in vitamins and omegas and hyaluronic acid in whole plant form needed for healthy skin when used in the correct ratio. Naturally present in coconut oil are enzymes which break down the proteins in skin. Using coconut full strength can result in throwing off the natural layer of bacteria we have on our skin (but cannot see), creating dry spots, acne and clogged pores. Used in the correct ratio, at the correct density the benefit of the nutrients and hyaluronic acid are gained without any action from the enzymes because there are not enough present to offset the balance. 

Organic Crushed Rosehip Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin C, amongst other vitamins and omegas. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that sinks deep into the middle layer where collagen is built in order to transition lysine and proline into proteins needed for collagen.  As we age, combined with the fact that our bodies do not produce any vitamin C, a clean and properly shaped molecular source of vitamin C is essential. All nutrients that are absorbed into the body have a physical shape on a molecular and atomic scale. Cells have receptor sites that need the nutrient shaped in an exact pattern for maximum absorption. Synthetically manufactured Vitamin C sources (Ester-C, L-ascorbic acid, etc. are commonly derived from unhealthy sources such as corn syrup and acetone) and do our bodies more harm than any benefit. When sourced from a natural, whole plant molecule by using crushed or steam-distilled oils, the structure of the needed nutrient is the same as when in the plant. That structure is complimentary to our receptor sites on our cells and fits our bodies perfectly. In a whole plant form, all the other needed minerals and omegas come along in a balanced system designed to benefit our natural bodies.


Amor Naturae

In addition to all the basic nutrients that skin is made which includes Vitamins A, E, K, Hyaluronic Acid, Omegas and Zinc, Amor Naturae is rich in a natural organic and liquid Vitamin C used by cell membranes to stay strong over time, which helps hold fluids inside the cell; additionally  lysine and proline (amino acids) use this structure of vitamin C to transition into the proteins we colloquially call collagen. We have over 30 types of collagen in our bodies, this type is used by the integumentary system (skin, hair and nails) to retain elasticity and youthfulness.

Amor Naturae feeds the middle layer, the dermis, of our skin the needed nutrient panel that creates elastin and  collagen which keeps our skin soft and supple and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. I have noticed that Amor Naturae also heals keloid scars (the big bumpy type). Mine took about a year to heal up and become flat even though it was bumpy after 20 years or so. Amor Naturae is thin enough to sink right in, yet thick enough to make all the difference in the world during winter. Horrible winter skin can become soft and supple with regular day and night use of Amor Naturae. Great for cuticles as well! Face, body, feet, follicles  and cuticles!