Purposefully formulated for therapeutic results, you can expect to see a healthy transformation of your skin when you use Rejuvenation over time, no matter how your skin looks and feels right now.

Made From

Organic Blue Chamomile, also known as Moroccan Chamomile or Blue Tansy
Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Use For

Daily Moisturizing Sun & Wind Protection Adult & Childhood Eczema Stitches Diaper Rash

Safe For

Sensitive skin
Babies’ Skin
Cuts and Burns


Healthy, vibrant skin and skin tone is made from cells rich in whole-plant sourced Vitamins A, E, K, Hyaluronic acid, Omegas & trace amounts of zinc found in Rejuvenation. Most people notice a vibrant change in their skin after one to three months of daily use.


Steam-distilled organic blue chamomile oil has over 3000 years of documented use worldwide for eczema and rashes.

Azulene oil (from organic, wild Moroccan blue tansy) is classified in herbal medicine as a rare tissue regenerative because it repairs surface layer tissues quickly and will make your skin tone vibrantly healthy.

When Used

Rejuvenation is effective in creating a healthy pH in your skin. When used regularly Rejuvenation will naturally mend splits and cracks on feet and fingers, will heal stitches from accidents or surgeries, and will improve the healing of eczema and rashes. Your surface skin tone will become vibrantly healthy with daily use over time.


Using Rejuvenation daily as a topical moisturizer feeds the skin the nutrient panel that creates vibrant and healthy surface skin tone.

Rejuvenation is safe for people with sensitive skin, even babies, as it is blended only with gentle, natural unprocessed ingredients that are strictly crushed and/or steam-distilled directly from the plants and flowers chosen for people with sensitive skin.

The Skin

Skin needs unprocessed and unrefined sources of Vitamins A, E, K, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc and Omegas in order to replenish and build healthy new cells and tissues. Crushed and steam-distilled organic plant, flower and seed oils are the cleanest and healthiest natural sources for this need because the oils’ nutrients and omegas are naturally balanced in whole plant form with molecules shaped properly for skin to allow nutrients  to cross the cell membranes and be absorbed into the cell for immediate use in creating healthier tissue when applied topically and daily.   


Skin pH is healthiest at 7. Long-term sun exposure creates an unhealthy acidic pH in surface skin within which cancer cells thrive. Alkalizing antioxidants help ward off an unhealthily acidic surface skin pH by balancing surface skin pH within which cancer cells cannot thrive but the needed acid mantle in healthy skin thrives.


Noncomedogenic oils have a low enough molecular density as to not clog skin pores. Skin pores have a diameter that changes depending upon where the pore is located on our body, the thickness of tissue and our skin types. All liquid fluids, oils in this case, have a molecular density rating which reflects how many molecules are packed into a small space and is experienced by us as feeling thick or thin to the touch. Thick fluids have a high-density rating reflecting more molecules packed into a small space and therefore can feel greasy or oily and thick in a way that leaves pores feeling clogged and are classified as comedogenic. Comedogenic products can clog pores can create blackheads and acne. Living Blessed products are noncomedogenic and  have a low molecular density that allows nutrients, omegas and healing chemistry to sink right in for immediate use by cells for energy, repair and creating healthy new cells. I matched the molecular density to skin pore diameter to create nutrient panels that are noncomedogenic for moisturizing. Each product has a secondary function as well. 

The Ingredients

Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil is rich in all the nutrients, needed minerals and balanced omegas (6 and 3 in 8:1 ratio) listed above while also providing the antioxidants that help stop free radical damage to our cells.


Free Radicals and Natural Antioxidants. On a deeper level, free radicals create the oxidation in the cells that deteriorate their health and vibrancy. To our eyes it may look like a sunburn or toughened, aged and weathered dry skin. This damage due to free radicals occurs because the outer shell of the free radical atom has only one electron; electrons are diatomic by nature. Diatomic means the electrons need to be paired in the atom’s outer shell in order to be stable and beneficial. An odd number of electrons (1) creates instability and damages tissue. Natural antioxidants also contain one electron in the outer shell. This lone electron binds itself to a free radical electron in an outer shell in order to stabilize both atoms thus preventing free radical oxidative damage to cells. The additional nutrients in Rejuvenation help build healthy cells while halting free radical cell degeneration. I have used Rejuvenation as my sun protection for almost 30 years.


Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is rich in vitamins and omegas and hyaluronic acid in whole plant form needed for healthy skin when used in the correct ratio. Naturally present in coconut oil are enzymes which break down the proteins in skin. Using coconut full strength can result in throwing off the natural layer of bacteria we have on our skin (but cannot see), creating dry spots, acne and clogged pores. Used in the correct ratio, at the correct density the benefit of the nutrients and hyaluronic acid are gained without any action from the enzymes.


Moroccan Blue Tansy (also colloquially called blue tansy or blue chamomile because the healing oil is azul blue and called azulene) is steam distilled from the flower head and is historically classified in herbal teaching literature as a rare tissue regenerative. Rare because it grows only in one place on the planet, tissue regenerative because its natural chemistry heals skin. Medicinal herbs are classified by their chemistry and which human body system that chemistry best serves in creating a healthy organism. Other tissue regeneratives include comfrey, yarrow and calendula to name some more familiar herbs.  Moroccan blue tansy has a unique double chemistry bonding that allows its chemistry to be more effective as a healer and tissue regenerative. I have grown all the other plants, harvested and used them in order to compare everyday results. I chose Moroccan Blue Tansy for Rejuvenation because its results for healthier skin were more versatile and readily noticeable than other tissue regeneratives.  

Originally, I created and used Rejuvenation for born-at-home babies, diaper rash and problem skin. The azulene oil from the blue tansy has over three thousand years of documented use in cultures around the globe for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and rashes. Over time, I realized that Rejuvenation heals cracked and split skin on feet and toes, surgery scars, stitches from accidents, avoid stretch marks, heal rashes of unknown origin, burns, grafted skin, chemo skin, and creates vibrant surface skin tone. Feeding the nutrient panel skin cells need topically into the organ allows the unprocessed (not a lotion, butter or cream) crushed and steam distilled nutrients to enter the organ and be available immediately for creating healthy cells. Unprocessed and unrefined nutrients and omegas allow the molecular structures to remain the proper shape on a microscopic level so that the corresponding shape on the cell recognizes the nutrient and absorbs it readily.


Rejuvenation is a blend of three plant oils whose nutrient panels include Vitamins A, E, K, Zinc, Hyaluronic acid, Omegas and a greater than therapeutic dose of azulene from steam-distilled Moroccan Blue Tansy flower heads which aids in creating vibrant and healthy surface skin tone in addition to having the added benefit of healing skin and balancing pH.


Rejuvenation is noncomedogenic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, light and thin and has a very popular and pleasing scent coming from the healing oil, azulene, that promotes healthy cell growth. Rejuvenation’s nutrient panel feeds our skin the vitamins and omegas which cells crave in order to become healthier and maintain a life-creating pH on the surface of our skin while combining that need with an herbal function of healing. Rejuvenation creates a vibrant surface skin tone, healthy pH and is excellent for kids and use as a face and body after-shower daily moisturizer!