Amor Naturae Night Time Moisturizer – 16 oz.



Amor Naturae is a synergistic blend of certified organic plant oils rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin E from extra virgin organic coconut and olive oils which are then blended with proper molecular density and ratio of Rosehip Seed oil rich in vitamin C in order to provide your skin with the most natural form and array of nutrients needed for daily collagen production. Organic Rosehip Seed Oil has a very faint scent, but not a rose-like scent. Organic Rosehip Seed oil is crushed from the seed because of its high Vitamin C content in the proper form for our skin’s needs. Organic Rosehip Seed oils Vitamin C is used by the layer of skin called dermis to convert amino acids (proline and lysine) into proteins (hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine) which are used to create collagen to provide elasticity and firmness in our skin. Amor Naturae is an excellent nighttime moisturizer that compliments Rejuvenation as a daytime moisturizer. Amor Naturae is a bit richer in texture than Rejuvenation and is best applied topically about half an hour before bed. I LOVE AMOR NATURAE as a night time moisturizer!

Our 16 oz. bottle offers the greatest savings. Each bottle contains 16 oz. where the bottle begins to curve. We fill each bottle as full as we can but have to stop before the pressure of the oil in the tube pushes it out the spout when it is sitting on the shelf. Like a plant’s root pressure, the oil in the tube is pushed upwards as it is warmed. Experience has taught us how much oil can be in the bottles without having it drip out the pump while sitting on the shelf and we get as close to that as we can in every single bottle! I love the 16 oz. bottle in the bathroom for the family to share!

Note: If your pump won’t pump or if there is a kink in your tube preventing it from pumping, please twist open the ribbed capping, carefully pull out the tube and cut it to the desired length. The tubes come to us as you see them and it is perfectly ok to cut your tube to your desired length and/or gently bend it as you wish to assist the pump action! Thank you!

Packaged using Paba Free PET Plastic.


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Weight 16.01 oz


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