Living Blessed is a non-profit that employs cognitively disabled adults to do all the steps of packaging. All formulas were created by and are blended by Ally. By using a closed system to pump the fluids into the bottles, the fluid never gets exposed to air, to spills or to anyone’s skin.

All clients (the term used for adults with cognitive disabilities who attend work-training programs organizations) wear sterile gloves while working. Each bottle is done one at a time by hand. After filling, they get the lid on tightly, clean the bottle and apply the label. My brochures are folded by the very same folks as well!

Having a job is important to every single adult and allows all these guys to actually know the self respect of having useful work in the community within which they live. Each time I expand into a store in a new area, I connect with a local group that has the capability (building with wheelchair access, medical training, etc.) to provide care for cognitively disabled adults so that I can train them to package my products. This provides a greater quality of life to individuals in a variety of geographical locations, helps to stimulate a local economy and builds a greater sense of community. Every single person needs to be part of the culture and larger group or society where she or he lives. A strong sense of community strengthens the core of society in any region.

Having a genius level father and working with disabled kids has taught me that every person, no matter their level of functioning, has the very same desire to be useful and part of society. Providing a greater quality of life through independent employment in a local area that sees stores carry Living Blessed’s products packaged by their very own disabled adults allows local people to support them without donating and allows the disabled adults to participate in their local economy. I see a degree of greater health being created in each community I expand to incorporate my business model and everyone wins!

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